Seeding & Re-seeding Our Repacks

Hi Everyone

We do have a request from all of you, currently we have a small seeders team, that tries to do the best we can to help DODI and the community we’ve build together!
By seeding every single new Repack that comes out, and also reseeding older repacks that are requested in DODI’s Discord Server.

As said, the team is not big enough to support every single one of your and our needs.

We would like to ask all of you our great community to consider applying to help us seeding DODI’s repacks, this would be a GREAT help to DODI and his community!
The more seeders we have that could help us increase the speeds of new Repacks and also faster reseeding (with higher speeds) of older repacks, is definitely what we strive to achieve!

If you can help please join our Discord Server  (Check announcements channel for further info ) and apply to get seeder rank

If you want a repack to be re-seeded, come to Discord Server  and do a request command and seeders will help