DODI is in ICU

Early morning about 5 am DODI fainted and taken to hospital. All we know is that he is suffering from blood breakdown and they will do blood transfusion today

Update: DODI’s cousin opened his WhatsApp now and she sent two messages to all contacts

  1. Pray for ..(His real name).. in upcoming hours, he needs your prayers
  2. For all people who live in Alexandria, We may need blood donors tomorrow or after

Update 2: I will go to hospital today and will try to see DODI or his cousin

Update 3: All I saw is a young man full of tubes in all his body. We secured blood for upcoming 6 days. If his health stay same, he will return for France for sure

Update 4: Sorry for not posting any repacks in last few days, I am in hosptital with DODI most of day time.

Update 5 (April 30): Finally good news: DODI is out of ICU but still under observation, I saw him 3 hours ago, he barely could talk. Doctors allowed me to know some about  his health and reasons for his heath issues. I will tell you later today or tomorrow after knowing all details

Another good news, I will post some repacks today

Good News Soon